600lb Gorillas

600lb gorillas

ice cream cookie sandwiches

In keeping with our commitment to all natural, premium ingredients, our 600 lb Gorilla ice cream sandwiches are made with REAL ice cream. That’s right our #1 ingredient is CREAM!  Our competitors have to label their product as a “Cookie Sandwich” because it doesn’t even contain ice cream! The ice cream in our sandwiches contains 14 percent butterfat, which is considered super-premium, even unheard of in the world of frozen desserts and novelties. 

We were a cookie company first, so of course we use our acclaimed homemade-style chocolate chip cookies made with real butter and all natural chocolate! These are REAL cookies, not wafers like you may have seen with other brands, making it the perfect cookie for our handmade ice cream sandwich!

See Where to Buy for local availability. See also: nutritional data.